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Our Trade-Marks

For a number of years Parsons Chaine Europe has been the exclusive importer and distributor of the following internationally recognised brand names :

·         “KUPLEX” – chains, accessories and chain slings in Grade 100. Kuplex is manufactured by Premier Stampings and is the technical reference for chain slings as well as the pioneer in the adoption of Grade 100 with its advantages of strength, long-life and weight compared with Grade 80 chain slings.

·         “ELEPHANT” – hand and electric chain blocks, lever hoists and travel trolleys. All these products are manufactured by Elephant Chain Block Co Ltd in Japan, one of the world’s leading chain block producers and are recognised for their exceptional quality, ease of handling and long-life.

·         LEVEX – this is Parsons Chaine Europe’s own registered brand-name and includes several product ranges which have been rigorously selected and manufactured according to our own design criteria. All these products offer a more economic initial purchase than the brands above and are normally aimed at the less intensive market applications.

·         MODULIFT” -  this is the latest product range we have added and is manufactured and designed by Modulift Design and Consulting. Modulift is an original and ingenious system of modular spreader-beams which offer both immediate availability and modularity to adapt to the lifting of several types of load.


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